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SCANZ Title and Logo

(formerly: Society of Crystallographers in Australia (SCA))


The SCANZ homepage is located at

To join the SCANZ, two current members of the Society must sponsor the application. Please write to the Secretary if you do not know any sponsors.

Cost of Membership depends on your catagory and how good you are at sending the cheques in on time:

Regular  ($25 per year)    Student ($30 for 3 years)   Corporate ($130 per year)

Fill in our membership application form and send to the relevant SCANZ treasurer. Payment details are contained in the form.


Stuart Batten (Monash Univ. Victoria),


Dr. Alison Edwards (ANSTO)

Tel:  (02) 9717 7247

Fax: (02) 9717 9210

E-mail: scanztreas@gmail.com

Postal Address: ANSTO, Locked Bag 2001, Kirrawee DC, NSW 2232, Australia

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Please feel free to send any queries, comments or suggestions to: webmaster@sca.asn.au