Detailed Programme


Tuesday April 10

TuesdayConference Start
1:55—2:00pmWelcomeBrendan Kennedy
Session 1Opening Plenary Session
Chair: Brendan Kennedy
2:00—2:30Keith Nugent (30 min)Coherent X-ray Science
2:30—3:15Bonnie Wallace (45 min)Synchrotron Radiation Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy and Protein Crystallography: Complementary Methods in Structural Genomics
3:15—4:00John Helliwell (45 min)Softly does it! Cracking lobster shell crustacyanin protein crystal structures.

Coffee 4:00—4:30
TuesdaySession 2Young Crystallographers
Chairs: Allan White and Stuart Batten
4:30—4:45Jack Clegg (15 min)The supramolecular chemistry of bis-ß-diketones: A remarkable single crystal-single crystal phase transition under pressure.
5:30—5:45Marc Kvansakul (15 min)Insight into Viral Inhibition of Apoptosis: Structure of the M11L:Bak BH3 Complex
5:00—5:15Paul Saines (15 min)Insight into the Stability of Tetragonal and Rhombohedral Phases in Double Perovskites
4:45—5:00Martin Duriska (15 min)Structure and Properties of a Discrete Nano-Sphere
5:15—5:30Jason Schmidberger (15 min)A novel dehalogenase structure determined by a new approach to Synchrotron data collection.
5:45—6:00Natasha Sciortino (15 min)Multi-functional framework materials: Nanoporosity and spin-crossover

Wednesday April 11

WednesdayPlenary IVYanos Hajdu (50 min) Flash diffractive imaging.
8:30—9:20amMaslen LectureChair: Jenny Martin
Session 3The New Facilities (80 min)
Chairs: Erich Kisi, Chris Chantler
9:20—9:50Shane Kennedy (30 min)Opportunities for structural research at the OPAL reactor's Neutron Beam Facility
9:50—10:10Andy Broadbent (20 min)Beamlines at the Australian Synchrotron - An Update
10:10—10:25Kia Wallwork (15 min)High resolution powder diffraction at the Australian Synchrotron
10:25—10:40Janet Newman (15min)C3 - A macromolecular crystallisation resource for Australia

Coffee 10:40—11:00
WednesdaySession 4Crystallography at the Beamline (105 min)
Chairs: Mitchell Guss, Andy Broadbent
11:00—11:30KeynoteBo Iversen (30 min)Application of Synchrotron Charge Densities in Materials Chemistry
11:30—11:50Matthias Gutman (20 min)Recent highlights and future opportunities for neutron single crystal diffraction at ISIS
11:50—12:10Katherine McAuley(20 min)The Phase One MX Beamlines at Diamond Light Source
12:10—12:30Sandor Brockhauser (20 min)Kappa Goniometry
12:30—12:50Simon Teat (20 min) A Bright Solution to Difficult Crystals

Lunch 12:50—1:30
WednesdaySession 5e–Science for Crystallography I (75 min)
Chairs: Mark Spackman, Jane Hunter
1:30—2:00KeynoteAlun Ashton (30 min)More speed, more data, more automation, more work?
2:00—2:15Ian Atkinson (15 min)JAINIS (JCU And Indiana Instrument Services) - A Remote Access and Data Management System for X-Ray Diffraction.
2:15—2:30Peter Turner (15 min)The Rising Power of the Web Browser: Web Services Based Collaborative Remote Instrument Control and Monitoring
2:30—2:45Chris Myers (15 min)VBL Outline

Coffee 2:45—3:15
WednesdaySession 6Hot Topics in Macromolecular Crystallography (75)
Chairs: Peter Colman, Alice Vrielink
3:15—3:45KeynoteBob von Dreele (30 min)Recent advances in protein powder diffraction
3:45—4:00Paul Carr (15 min)Crystal Structure of the N-terminal Domain of the TyrR Transcription Factor Responsible for Gene Regulation of Aromatic Amino Acid Biosynthesis and Transport in E. coli K12
3:00—4:15Chaille Webb (15 min)Crystal structure of the mitochondrial import complex, hTIM9.10
4:15—4:30Maria Hrmova (15 min)Substrate-product trafficking in the active site of a plant enzyme: Conventional and Laue crystallographic approaches


Sunset Winery Tour

Thursday April 12

ThursdayPlenary VMike Lawrence (45 min)First insights into the structure of the insulin receptor ectodomain homodimer
8:30—9:15amChair: Bostjan Kobe
Session 7Allied Techniques (90 min)
Chairs: Mike James, Janet Newman
9:15—9:35Peter Lay (20 min)3D Structure Determinations and Cellular Mapping Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
9:35—9:55Jill Trewella (20 min)Small-angle X-ray scattering and neutron contrast variation reveal the arrangement of synaptic proteins implicated in autism
9:55—10:15Patrick Kluth (20 min)Characterization of metallic nanoparticles using synchrotron based analytical techniques
10:15—10:30Chris Chantler (15 min)Accurate Measurement and Physical Insight: The X-ray Extended Range Technique for high accuracy absolute XAFS by transmission and fluorescence
10:30—10:45David Jacques (15 min)Investigation of the structural basis for the inhibition of Histidine Kinase A by Sda in Bacillus subtilis

Coffee 10:45—11:15
Parallel Sessions
ThursdaySession 8aFrom Small Molecules to Supramolecular Chemistry (90 min)
Chairs: Cameron Kepert, Tony Willis
11:15—11:35Brendan Abrahams (20 min)The Tetrasulfitocuprate(I) Anion - A New Building Block for Supramolecular Assemblies
11:35—11:55Stuart Batten (20 min)Crystal Engineering with the Scorpion King
11:55—12:15Alison Edwards (20 min)Superbowls and Cavitands - Guest Molecule Direction of Nano-Scale Self Assembled Systems
12:15—12:30Joshua McKinnon (15 min)Extensions of Hirshfeld Surface-Based Tools: Decomposing Fingerprint Plots and Visualisation of Crystal Voids
12:30—12:45Martin Adam (15 min)APEX II ULTRA - Precision and Accuracy
ThursdaySession 8bProteins Related to Disease and Drug Discovery I (90 min)
Chairs: Paul Carr, Jacqui Gulbis
11:15—11:35Jennifer Martin (20 min)Crystal structure of the Munc18c/Syntaxin4-N-peptide: implications for the role of SM proteins in membrane trafficking
11:35—11:55Ruby Law (20 min) GABA Production by Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase is Regulated by a Dynamic Catalytic Loop
11:55—12:15Mark Walter (20 min)2.7 Å crystal structure of the autoinhibited human c-FMS kinase domain
12:15—12:30Alice Vrielink (15 min)Ultra High Resolution Crystallographic Studies of Cholesterol Oxidase: Correlation Between Structure and Catalytic Function
12:30—12:45Charlie Bond (15 min)Disrupting your Hollidays? Studies on Archaeal recombinational DNA repair enzymes.

Lunch 12:45—1:30
ThursdayPlenary VIMartin Dove (45 min)eScience for materials research with intensive computational, data and collaborative requirements
1:30—2:15Chair: Richard Wellberry
Session 9e–Science for Crystallography II (85 min)
Chairs: Ian Atkinson, Peter Turner
2:15—2:40KeynoteKenneth Shankland (25)Distributed Computing for Crystallography: Experiences and Opportunities
2:55—3:10Noel Faux (15 min)e-Research for Crystallography at Monash University
3:10—3:25Jane Hunter (15 min)Real-time Collaborative Annotation of 3D Crystallographic Models
2:40—2:55David Abramson (15 min)High Throughput Monte-Carlo modelling using the Computational Grid.
3:25—3:40Rhys Francis (15 min)Platforms for Collaboration

Coffee 3:40—4:00
ThursdaySession 10Theoretical and Computational Crystallography (100 min)
Chair: Bret Church, Chris Howard
4:00—4:30KeynoteTom Terwilliger (30 min)PHENIX: New methods for automated structure solution, model-building, ligand-fitting and refinement
4:30—4:50Mark Spackman (20 min)Effective molecular polarizabilities and crystal refractive indices from wavefunctions constrained to fit X-ray structure factors
4:50—5:10Richard Welberry (20 min)Disorder in Pentachloronitrobenzene, C6Cl5NO2: A Diffuse Scattering Study
5:10—5:40Ronan Keegan (30 min)What's new in CCP4 and developments in the automation of the protein structure solution process
7:00Conference Dinner

Friday April 13

FridayPlenary VIIAnthony Cheetham (45 min)Trends in Inorganic Materials Science: the Role of Diffraction Methods
8:30—9:15Chair: Ray Withers
Session 11Small Molecule Crystallography - a Tribute to Allan White (90 min)
Chair: Peter Healy
9:15—9:45KeynoteCameron Kepert (30 min)Coordination Framework Materials
9:45—10:00Michael Bruce (15min)Allan White - an appreciation of a 25-year collaboration
10:00—10:15Alan David Rae (15min)A false minimum in the refinement of a 9x superstructure. A problem with commensurately modulated structures with a cell volume (2N+1) that of a parent structure.
10:15—10:30Andrew Beasley (15min)Disorder in Polymorphic Systems
10:30—10:45Eric Chan (15min)Structural Systematics of Complexes of Lanthanoid Picrates with Unidentate O-donor Ligands

Coffee 10:45—11:15
Parallel Sessions
FridaySession 12aProteins Related to Disease and Drug Discovery II (120 min)
Chairs: Jill Trewella, Mike Lawrence
11:15—11:35Bostjan Kobe (20 min)Structural basis for recruitment of tandem hotdog domains in acyl-CoA thioesterase 7 and its role in inflammation
11:35—11:55Mihwa Lee (20 min)Structures of the ligand-free and the inhibitor complexes of E. coli DHOase: Consequences for loop movement in catalysis.
11:55—12:15Robyn Malby (20 min)Crystal Structure of the Protease Domain of Plasmodium falciparum SERA-5
12:15—12:30Daniela Stock (15 min)Molecular Architecture and Function of A-type ATPases
12:30—12:45Andreas Hofman (15 min)Molecular Mechanisms of Cytoskeletal and Membrane-Associated Proteins: Annexins and Cyclase-Associated Protein
12:45—1:00Nyssa Drinkwater (15 min)Characterising induced-fit conformational changes in drug design
1:00—1:15Corrine Porter (15 min)Structural studies on PlyB, a potential therapeutic for the treatment of pulmonary anthrax.
FridaySession 12bMaterials Science and Nanotechnology (120 min)
Chairs: Ian Grey, Ross Piltz
11:15—11:35Mogens Christensen (20 min)Neutron and Synchrotron Investigations of Thermoelectric Clathrates
11:35—11:55Brendan Kennedy (20 min)Phase Transitions In Manganese Perovskites. From The Simply Unusual To The Outright Bizarre.
11:55—12:15Jean Galy (20 min)Structural Chemistry of M2/3[Bi12O14](MoO4)5 (M=Pb, Bi, Ln) and Bi2n+4MonO6(n+1) Phases: XRD, TEM, Spark Plasma Sintering, Anionic Conductivity.
12:15—12:30Erich Kisi (15 min)High Resolution Neutron Powder Diffraction - a Singular Application
12:30—12:45Chris Ling (15 min)Layering of magnetic and non-magnetic cations in three-layer Aurivillius phases: crystallographic templates for multiferroicity
12:45—1:00Margaret Elcombe (15 min)The structure of Li4NbO4F - a joint neutron x-ray refinement.
1:00—1:15Michael James (15 min)Complementarity Gone Mad: Magnetostructural Correlations in Rare Earth Strontium-Doped Cobaltates


Conference Close and Lunch
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