Plenary Speakers

Prof. Janos Hajdu - the 2007 Maslen Fellow
Structural Biology Labs
Biomedical Centre, Uppsala, Sweden

Prof. Anthony K. Cheetham FRS
Director, International Center for Materials Research
University of California
Santa Barbara California

Dr. Mike Lawrence
CSIRO Health Sciences & Nutrition
Parkville, Victoria

Prof. John Helliwell
Prof. Bonnie Wallace
Prof. Martin Dove

Proposed Themes:

  1. New Facilities and Crystallography at the Beamline
  2. Crystallography from Small Molecules to Supramolecular Chemistry
  3. Allied methods: SAX, WAX, XAFS, Imaging and Other Techniques
  4. Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  5. Structural Genomics and High-Throughput Crystallography
  6. Proteins Related to Disease and Drug Discovery
  7. Hot Topics in Macromolecular Crystallography
  8. Theoretical, Computational and Educational Crystallography
  9. e-Science for Crystallography
  10. Young Crystallographers Session

International speakers include:

  • Prof Janos Hajdu (Upsala) - single particle flash diffraction.
  • Prof Tony Cheetham (California) - solid state material, nano-materials
  • Prof Martin Dove (Cambridge) - UK e-Science e-Minerals project and diffraction physics
  • Dr Alun Ashton (UK Diamond synchrotron) e-Science for Diamond
  • Dr Kenneth Shankland - (UK ISIS neutron facility) e-Science and Grid at ISIS
  • Dr Simon Teat (US ALS synchrotron) - Small molecule crystallography at the synchrotron
  • Prof Bo Iversen (Aarhus) - Charge density studies at the synchrotron
  • Prof Bob von Dreele (Argonne) - Protein structures from powder diffraction
  • Dr Tom Terwilliger (Los Alamos) - Automated Protein Structure modelling and PHENIX
  • Dr Ronon Keegan - CCP4 e-Science and MrBUMP
  • Prof John Helliwell (Manchester) - Protein Crystallography
  • Prof Bonnie Wallace (London) - Protein Crystallography
  • Dr Katherine McAuley (Diamond) - Protein Crystallography at Diamond
  • Dr Matthias Gutmann (ISIS) - Small Molecule Crystallography with Neutrons

Dr Shane Kennedy will give a presentation on the capabilities of the new research reactor OPAL, which officially opens the week after Crystal-25. Dr Andy Broadbent will likewise report on the status and capabilities of the Australian Synchrotron, which is to be officially opened in June.

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