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Ruth Plathe Construction of Protein Crystallography beamlines at the Australian Synchrotron Project 101
Michelle Christie Molecular interactions of Munc18c and Syntaxin4 102
Ratchadaporn Puntharod Crystal packing structures and resonance Raman spectra of haem derivatives 103
Christopher Chantler Accurate powder diffraction standards: determination of the lattice parameter of LaB6 (standard reference material 660) 104
Eric Hnath AlchemistT II: A flexible and consistent automatic pipetting solution for protein crystallization 105
Christopher Chantler Theoretical XANES study of an organometallic cluster 106
Dmitry Khalyavin Cation ordering and octahedral tilting in the new A-site deficient La2CaMg2W2O12 perovskite 107
Cy Jeffries Small Angle X-ray Scattering on the C1-C2 double domain of cardiac Myosin Binding Protein C reveals a rod shaped molecule in solution. 108
Christopher Chantler X-ray absorption fine structure calculations for copper 109
Binh Nguyen The local crystal chemistry and dielectric properties of the cubic pyrochlore phase in the Bi2O3-M2+-Nb2O5 (M2+=Ni2+ and Mg2+) systems 110
Gustavo Fenalti The 2.3┼ crystal structure of GAD65, a major autoantigen in type 1 diabetes and neurological diseases 111
Qingdi Zhou Studies on Structural Phase Transitions on 1:3 Ordered Perovskites Ba4-xSrxNaSb3O12 112
Eric Chan Hydrogen-bonding and Stacking Arrays in Picrate Salts of Nitrogen-Bases. 113
Jimmy Ting A Structural Study of B-Cation Substituted Lanthanum Rhodates 114
Frank Antolasic Small angle X-ray scattering of gold nanoparticles supported on catalytic materials 115
Ross Piltz Structure characterization of Sr8Ga16Ge30 and Ba8Ga16Ge30 clathrate with single crystal neutron diffraction 116
Christopher Howard Crystal structure of Ln1/3NbO3 (Ln = Nd, Pr) and phase transition in Nd1/3NbO3 117
Kenneth Shankland XRPD at the heart of physical form discovery in CPOSS 118
Anthony Willis A pseudo cubic structure with weak extra reflections: the structures of [M{N(CH2CH2P(i-pr)2)3}CO](BPh4) M=Rh, Ir 119
Qingwei Zhang Trapping a functional folding intermediate via onboard chaperone-like activity 120
Sheena McGowan X-ray crystal structure of MENT: the role of a cysteine proteinase inhibitor in higher order chromatin condensation 121
Neeraj Sharma Investigations into the Bi-Re-O and Bi-Ir-O Systems 122
Ross Piltz Phase transitions in framework structures: geometrical aspects 123
Suzanne Neville Iron(II) spiná crossover in a Series of 1-D polymers using di(2-pyridyl)amine style ligands 124
Ross Piltz KOALA - The Single-Crystal Neutron Diffractometer 125
Nalaka Subasinghe Studies of phase changes and reactions of some sulphide minerals using in-situ high temperature X-ray diffraction 126
Ian Grey Polyoxotitanate clusters in sol-gel TiO2 ? 127
Laura McCormick A copper saccharate 1-D polymer with chiral channels 128
Kittipong Chainok Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Cyanide-Bridged Bimetallic FeII−MII Coordination Polymers (MII = Mn and Ni) 129
Chris Langendorf Structural and Functional Studies of the 67kDa form of Human Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (GAD67) 130
Caspar Schneider The synthesis & structural elucidation of 3,5-bis(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazolate bridged dinuclear iron(II) spin crossover compounds 131
Rene Macquart Crystal Growth Using a Floating Zone Furnace: A Few Months Down the Line 132
John Chow Structural features of synthetic elastin surfaces 133
Jennifer Forrester Spontaneous Polarisation in PZN-PT Relaxor Ferroelectrics Surveyed Using High Resolution Neutron Powder Diffraction 134
Paul Carr Recent Experiences of Remote Access Crystallography at the SSRL 135
Ray Withers Structured diffuse scattering and polar nano regions in the Ba(Ti1-xSnx)O3 relaxor ferroelectric system 136
Mareike Kurz α-DsbA's: Structure determination of novel oxidoreductases 137
Wilson Wong A disulphide tethered occluding loop confers elastase-like activity on the substitilsin-like protease AprV2 138
Peter Czabotar Structures of Mcl-1 in complex with the Bim and Noxa BH3 domains 139
W Church Overexpression of human Kynurenine Aminotransferase-I for Inhibitor Studies 140
Ross Piltz Echidna and Wombat: The two new Australian neutron powder diffractometers 141
David Langley The structure of an N-acetyl-β-D-glucosaminidase from Streptococcus gordonii. 142
Paul Ramsland Structural basis for evasion of mucosal immune barriers by Staphylococcus aureus revealed in the complex of SSL7 with IgA-Fc 143
Eric Hnath Phasing with In-house Softer X-ray Radiation 144
Samuel Duyker Lanthanoid Hexacyanometallates: Hydration Characteristics and Negative Thermal Expansion 145
Ian Gentle Small Angle Scattering Beamline at the Australian Synchrotron 146
M. Gateshki Local Atomic Structure of Nanocrystalline K-Li-Mn-O-I Studied with Pair Distribution Function Analysis147
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