Abstract submissions commenced from January 15, 2007.

Abstract submission services are now closed!

Abstract Categories

Please be ready to nominate one of the following categories for your abstract:

  1. New Facilities and Crystallography at the Beamline
  2. Crystallography from Small Molecules to Supramolecular Chemistry
  3. Allied methods: SAX, WAX, XAFS, Imaging and Other Techniques
  4. Materials Science and Nanotechnology
  5. Structural Genomics and High-Throughput Crystallography
  6. Proteins Related to Disease and Drug Discovery
  7. Hot Topics in Macromolecular Crystallography
  8. Theoretical, Computational and Educational Crystallography
  9. e-Science for Crystallography
  10. Young Crystallographers Session

If your abstract cannot be accomodated by one of these categories, please select the 'Other' option given in the on-line submission form.

On-line Abstract Submission Information

Abstracts for all oral and poster presentations will be published as the Proceedings of the Conference. Please read the following abstract lodgement advice.

  • Please note the following browser recommendations:
    • PC: INTERNET EXPLORER (version 5.5, or higher) or NETSCAPE (version 7.4, or higher) or MOZILLA Firefox (version 1.3, or higher)
    • MacIntosh: Safari

    Note: In order to be able to paste content into the on-line submission form using MOZILLA Firefox, please read the instructions at the following site: http://www.mozilla.org/editor/midasdemo/securityprefs.html?

    MacIntosh versions of Internet Explorer later than 5.5 will not provide full submission form interactivity if the abstract content includes symbols or images. Later MacIntosh versions of IE are not java enabled; a pop-up 'screen tip' will advise if the submisison website detects the browser being used will not support full interactivity.

  • Abstract content may be copied (pasted) into the web submission form (MacIntosh users please read note above). The abstract should not have more than 300 words of text.
  • Images should be in .tif .gif .png or .jpg format and at least 200 dpi.
  • Tables can be copied into the submission for, provided the browser being used is java enabled. Otherwise tables may be included as images.
  • If you are submitting an abstract for which you will not be the presenting author, please provide the presenting author's email address.
  • Information requested includes your preferred presentation type; 'oral', 'poster' or 'either' (to be determined by the programme committee).
  • Following the 'up-loading' of your abstract content, you will be invited to proceed to the registration page. If you accept the invitation at this stage, you will not need to re-enter your personal details.

Submission Notification

  • An email confirmation will be sent on completion of the abstract submission process. The email will include a .pdf copy of the submission for your records.
  • The confirmation email will include instructions on how to subsequently edit the submitted abstract, and make other submission information changes. This will not be possible once the programme committee review process commences.

Acceptance Notification

Notification of abstract acceptance will be sent shortly after the expiry of the submission deadline, and a draft programme will be posted on the conference web site. The notification will include presentation preparation advice.

Web Publishing

As soon as possible, the final programme will be published on the conference web site, together with hyperlinks to the abstracts.


Abstract submission is handled by the Australian Science Network (ASN) on-line conference management system. Please use the link below to submit your abstract:

Abstract submission is now closed!

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